If you’re thinking about entering into a land contract, do yourself a favor and hire an attorney to review it first.

Kendal Law Group has consulted with a number of sellers as clients who thought they could save money by downloading a free-off-the-internet land contract form and then not having an attorney review it. Of course, these clients failed to include critical language, and when the buyer defaulted, they ended up losing thousands of dollars, lots of time, and hired an attorney anyway!

It’s a case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish to try and save a few hundred dollars on the sale of your house or other property by failing to have an attorney make sure the land contract protects your interests, and it can cost you both time and lots of money.

Land contracts do have their advantages for both buyers and sellers, as long as both parties legally protect themselves. Kendal Law Group will save you the headache, time, and money by reviewing your land contract to make sure it is done properly from the beginning. Contact us for your free initial consultation today!