Kendal Law Group has recently received a number of inquiries from therapists regarding the necessity of a professional limited liability corporation (PLLC) or professional corporation (PC).

While the state of Michigan does not require therapists to incorporate, yes, therapists should use a PLLC or PC if providing services that you require a license to perform.

PCs and PLLCs provide therapists with corporate protection- they are specifically designed to separate your business from your personal assets thereby protecting your personal assets from creditors and lawsuits. For example, should your company be sued for a breach of contract, your car or home will not be at risk and used for legal settlement.

Determining the appropriate structure for your business can be both confusing and overwhelming. If you are a therapist, or other licensed professional, Kendal Law Group PC can help decipher and set up the best structure for your business. Please contact us to set up your free initial consultation.