Mediation is a process where people in a dispute can resolve their differences outside of court and reach a solution on their own terms. The process is helped by the use of a neutral mediator, who lets the parties explain their positions and lets them be heard.  The mediator helps the parties involved come to an agreement.  The mediator remains neutral and helps the parties identify issues, raise and present potential solutions, and helps draft an agreement to resolve the problem if one is reached.

Why Use Mediation?

Advantages of participating in mediation includes the speed of the process and cost savings.  The most important advantage is the ability to control your own destiny and not have a solution imposed on you by a court. In court, normally there is a winner and a loser.  In mediation, both sides can often arrive at a win-win situation.

Even before a legal case begins or after one has begun, clients find that mediation is a way to help quickly arrive at a solution.  Importantly, mediation can help people still maintain relationships as it often does not end in a win-lose decision. Clients often report a great deal of satisfaction at being able to remain in control of the process throughout the mediation, rather than having a judge decide the matter for them.

Mediation may not be the right process for every problem.  But it can help solve most problems in a quick, efficient, and user-friendly process.

Kendal Law Group is pleased to offer mediation services and act as a neutral mediator for business disputes, probate disputes, and general civil disputes. Aaron Kendal is experienced, trained, and certified to act as a neutral mediator. Kendal Law Group is also able to offer legal representation for clients who wish to try and solve their issues through the mediation process.