Everyone loves a good mystery and a hunt for the solution to the mystery.

They’re fun to read, but mysteries and thrillers don’t belong in your estate plan.

In your estate plan, clarity – and not mystery, is the order of the day.

Be clear as to what you want done with your things, and to whom you want them to go.

Don’t leave things to be figured out later.  Instead, make a list that catalogs items and who you want to receive each item.  If you want Heirloom X to go to Person Y, say so, and clearly identify the item (even better  – have a picture of it with your list) and use the full name of the person you want to receive it.  Keep that list with your estate planning binder and make sure your attorney knows about the list so it can be referenced in your will and your trust.

Keep things clear so your heirs don’t have to run down a mystery when they can no longer ask you questions to figure out what you intended.

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