Are you ready to start your own business but question if it’s the right move? You are not alone.

According to a study conducted by Vistaprint, 62% of Americans desire to be their own boss. However, only 14% of Americans consider owning their own business a realistic goal. Barriers such as financial concerns, lack of access to funds, fear of failure, high levels of stress, and low confidence prevent many people from turning their dreams into reality. What’s more, starting a business involves many legal issues that you need to be aware of and plan accordingly.

At Kendal Law Group, we strive to help business owners get started on the right foot while carving a path to success. You can trust us to determine the best legal structure for your business, keep up with changes in business growth, protect your individual assets, and plan for the eventual sale or transfer of your business. Kendal Law Group offers assistance in creating and maintaining both profit and non-profit entities.

Yes, starting and running a successful business may require a wealth of knowledge. But with the assistance of Kendal Law Group, it does not need to be quite as overwhelming. Contact us for a consultation today!